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From neoclassical villa to elegant residence of art

Casino Garzia is located in Alezio and was built by the will of Bonaventura Garzia, a doctor and mayor of Gallipoli. Representative of the bourgeoisie, he cultivated profound patriotic-Risorgimento feelings. Around the seventies of the nineteenth century he built a lovely house in the Alezio countryside as his family’s summer residence. The villa, in the neoclassical style, still retains the taste of the client who wanted to give a linguistic reference to his medical profession in the interior design project. The halls with star and pavilion vaults still preserve the frescoes of the period. In the current dining room, which was certainly Bonaventura’s studio, there is a sort of pictorial exegesis of one’s political thinking and acting. In the large garden of 6600 square meters, characterized by olive trees, citrus and eucalyptus trees, there is a nineteenth-century colonnade and an old apiary. Walking inside and outside the villa are bronze sculptures and canvases by the artist Enrico Muscetra. Art and music are the protagonists of this villa, strongly desired by a well-known Italian artist and a famous Polish composer.

Casino Garzia


The main entrance of the villa leads to a bright living room, with a completely frescoed pavilion vault, furnished with original French Louis XV furniture, an elegant grand piano and with particular canvases and bronze sculptures by the artist Enrico Muscetra. On either side of the living room there are three double bedrooms and a reading room with a fireplace.

The first bedroom, furnished with original Art Deco furniture, has a bathroom with a shower and is also equipped with an anteroom with a sofa bed and TV. The second bedroom has a French Louis XV style bed and a bathroom with a shower. On the other side of the living room you can access another bedroom furnished with original Louis XVI furniture, with a luxurious nineteenth century bathtub and is equipped with an antechamber with a sofa bed, TV and a bathroom with shower.

From the central hall and from this room you can access the patio equipped with table and chairs and the garden where the swimming pool is located. In addition, from the living room you can reach the small reading room with fireplace and the dining room with adjoining kitchen. The dining room is characterized by a marvellous fresco vaulted ceiling with subjects regarding the political thought of the villa owner, Bonaventura Garzia, doctor and mayor of Gallipoli. The walls and larders of the dining room are decorated with frescoes of garlands of flowers and fruit. In the hall there is also a fireplace.

Casino Garzia

The Garden

The villa is surrounded by well-kept gardens. In front of the entrance there is a fragrant garden of aromatic herbs and fruit trees. On the sides and on the back there are fruit trees, olive and eucalyptus trees, while the pool is surrounded by a soft green lawn and colourful flowering bushes. From the living room and kitchen you can access an outdoor area perfect for a good breakfast or simply for outdoor dining, from which you can admire the wonderful nineteenth-century colonnade, sculptures and bronze statues of the artist Enrico Muscetra and the wide swimming pool with gazebo. On the terrace, from which you can enjoy a delightful panoramic view, there is a sunbathing area where you can relax, sunbathe, or enjoy a good evening aperitif.